THS Virtual Meet the Teacher Night

Virtual Meet the Teacher Night will take place on August 31, 2020 beginning at 6:00pm. Each family is encouraged to connect with their child's teacher via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will be available to give information on coursework and student expectations in 10 minute increments following the student's class schedule. 


  • 1st Period 6:00pm-6:10pm 
  • 2nd Period 6:10pm-6:20pm 
  • 3rd Period 6:20pm-6:30pm 
  • 4th Period 6:30pm-6:40pm 
  • 5th Period 6:40pm-6:50pm 
  • 6th Period 6:50pm-7:00pm 
  • 7th Period 7:00pm-7:10pm 
  • 8th Period 7:10pm-7:20pm 

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