BPA State Conference 2023

The THS BPA club had a fantastic weekend at the 2023 Business Professionals of America State Conference. The BPA students summarized their SLC experience with Pride, Determination, and Resilience. As first-year competitors, each member had to step out of their comfort zone and move into a place of uncertainty. They did great on both the regional and state level. As I said to them, going to State is an amazing accomplishment, and the fact they all experienced this opportunity and created memories this past weekend is not to be taken lightly. So when you see these proud BPA members, congratulate them on their hard work in BPA this year. 

These events required innovative ideas and hours of preparation, and study time. I am so PROUD of their courage to commit to this process, so when you see these students, share a word of encouragement!

The following student competed in the following events:

  • Gabriel Franco                                  Banking and Finance Test                           National Alternate
  • Allison Pope and Karin Ly                Small Business Management Team
  • Maribelle Leybit                                Prepared Speech
  • Hudson Trueblood                            Fundamental Word Processing Test           National Qualifier!
  • Ashlyn Gilbert                                   Graphic Design Promotion                         
  • Deborah Adeyemi                             Entrepreneurship Presentation