History & Facts

Our Values

  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Citizenship
  • High Expectations
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Our Mission

The Mission of Timberview High School, in partnership with families and community, is to create a continually renewing system of support to assure students' academic growth and success by empowering them to identify and achieve personalized goals.

Our Vision

The Vision of Timberview High School is to become a dynamic, student-centered learning community that, through its continual pursuit of excellence, practices and develops:

  • Comprehensive High Expectations
  • Positive Interpersonal Relationships
  • Learning as a Way of Life
  • Persistent Integrity
  • Genuine Teamwork and Hope
  • Informed, Active Citizenship
  • Knowledgeable Diversity
  • Demonstrated Respect

Our Goals

Timberview High School will:

  • Achieve academic excellence as a result of the implementation of best teaching practices
  • Initiate and expand of open and ongoing communication with parents and the community
  • Establish and maintain a safe and well-managed campus environment
  • Incorporate the recognition, value and celebration of diversity
  • Improve student attendance and decrease student drop out rates
  • Recruit, train, empower and retain a highly qualified, diverse and active staff
  • Implement long-range planning procedures that reflect identifiable values, the mission and vision of Timberview High School

Our Motto

Value-Inspired Excellence

School Pride

  • School Colors
    Maroon, Black and Silver
  • School Mascot
  • School Fight Song

Hail to the Wo-olves,
the greatest
Hail to the Pride of Mansfield
Hail! Hail to Tim-ber-view
the maroon, silver and black

Hail to the Wo-olves,
the greatest,
Hail to the pride of Te-xas
Hail! Hail to Tim-ber-view
The migh-ty Wolf pack!

We are the best!

  • Alma Mater

Our dreams and
Hopes we have for you
We honor
Everything we do...
To give our very best to
Always fight for thee
O Timberview
We hold you up
So high and true
For Victory...

About THS

Doors to the new Timberview High School were opened to students on Monday, August 16, 2004. Built on 75 acres, the 416,000 square foot facility is an architectural delight, using natural light through tall window, and numerous large areas, and strategically placed skylights to create a warm and open atmosphere.

Students entering the building through the Great Hall, located on the east side of the building, are surrounded by sunlight flooding the area from beautiful arched skylights. Upon entering the school from the front entrance, students and visitors pass over a dynamic Timberview Wolf logo emblazoned on the terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo, used throughout the building, provides an attractive visual appeal, and more importantly, durability and low maintenance requirements.

The use of brick masonry interior walls throughout the school offers another eye-catching, yet resilient and cost-effective surface, requiring minimum care. Subtle architectural details in the hallways, such as vertical brick borders, add attractiveness and practicality. Soundboards that are covered with wooden trim are striking and functional and give classroom and office areas maximum soundproofing.

The school's spacious Commons Area is next to the cafeteria and serves as a place of relaxation for students. Additionally, a landscaped courtyard located outside of the cafeteria provides a beautiful outdoor space for students to eat and relax.

The school was built at the cost of $44.8 million and designed with the input of educators and community members. Students, staff, and visitors have access to 1500 parking spaces that provide easy access to the main building and athletic fields. Students interested in artistic pursuits have many choices available to them; a large band hall, choir room, art rooms that include an atrium for the use of a kiln, and a 300-seat theatre. The school also boasts an impressive competition gymnasium and two practice gyms. Additionally, there are 2500 square feet of field houses, maintenance and concession facilities, which are separated from the central campus.

Timberview High School was developed from the concept that the atmosphere of a campus should draw students into the school and create an environment where they want to learn. From a masterful grand design to the important small touches that make the school unique, Timberview High will be a building appreciated by students and the community for many years to come.


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